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Thursday, June 30

Basic Channel Pull Out Prince Douglas Classic...'Dub Roots'

This Reissue Is Probably The Main Influence & Roots For All Releases By Rhythm & Sound.

The Producer Is Douglas Levy, The Original Release Year Is 1980, The Beat Is Hypnotic, The Kick Is Magnetic, & It Will Force U To Enter Into A State Of Hsterical Ecstacy! Amazing Dub...It's The Only Dub I know That Sounds Better & Still Fresh Than All Of Lee Perry Stuff.

Basic Channel <

Listen To The Prince At Soulseduction

Wednesday, June 29

Skeltons & The Girl - Faced Boys <

Daydream in pure & sharp electro pop with the new album by >

Skeltons and The Girl-Faced Boys >

Listen to 'Git' <

Or git the album <

Fourth Album By Dressy Bessy ^#@!!!

Dressy Bessy Pull Out...

A New Full Length Called: 'Electrified'

& it's A Cool Album!

Full Of Great Energy & Electrified Joy!

Check One Song...

From The Happy Bomb
> @#!!!%&@#!!! <

home page <

Monday, June 27

Secretly Canadian Signed I.L.Y.B.I.C.D & Will Pull Out The Richard Swift Album Pretty Soon...

Richard Swift Is A Rare American Singer Song Writer, As Jens Lekman He Is Above All Kinds Of Imitations, Original Artist & A Pure Reflection Of The New Megical Sound That Emerge From This Secretly Perfect Label. His New Album Combines The Sweetness Side Of Blur & A Fog Of 40's & 50's Burt Bacharach Sound.

Secretly Canadian - Signed - I Love You But I'v Chosen Darkness - (Austin Texas) For Full Album That Will Eventually Come Out Next Year.


Saturday, June 25

My Second Surprise...

My Second Surprise Are From Israel. Living & Creating In London. My Second Surprise Is Actually, A One Man Project ~ Ayal Nistor. Nistor Is Chasing After The Perfect Sound Of Limpid Folk & Melting Indie Rock. Nistor Really Like's Western Guitars & Molding Songs With Emphasis of Psychedelic Melancholy From The 70's. Nistor Has A New Album. Listen & Read About In The Home Page <<<

Thursday, June 23

Lasch > 'The Principle Of Superposition' >

The New Album From Lasch Is A bliss For The Soul...
Neu Romantic Folk & Easy Listening Atmosphere As Kings Of Convenience...Jazz & Bossa Nova Decorations...Some Sprinkle Electronics Movements...Sweet...Sweet Trip...

Listen To The Album <<<

Label <<<

Wednesday, June 22

ARTHUR Magazine Freak Folk Player...

A 20 Freak Folk Song Compilation...
Selected By Devendra Benhart:

Track listing:

1. Vetiver (with Hope Sandoval) "Angel's Share" (from the "Vetiver" LP)]
2. Joanna Newsom "Bridges and Balloons" (from "The Milk-Eyed Mender" LP)\
3. Six Organs of Admittance "Hazy SF" (previously unreleased)
4. Viking Moses "Crosses" (from "Crosses")
5. Josephine Foster "Little Life" (prev. unreleased home recording)
6. Espers "Byss & Abyss" (from "ESPers" LP)
7. Vashti Bunyan & Devendra Banhart "Rejoicing in the Hands" - (from the forthcoming "Rejoicing in the Hands of the Golden Empress" LP)
8. Jana Hunter "Farm, CA" (prev. unreleased)
9. Currituck Co. "The Tropics of Cancer" (from "Ghost Man on First")
10. White Magic "Don't Need" (from forthcoming EP)
11. Iron and Wine "Fever Dream" (from "Our Endless Numbered Days" LP)
12. Diane Cluck "Heat From Every Corner" (from "Macy's Day Bird")
13. Matt Valentine "Mountains of Yaffa" (prev. unreleased)
14. Entrance "You Must Turn" (prev. unreleased home recording)
15. Jack Rose "White Mule" (from "Red Horse, White Mule" originally released thru Eclipse, forthcoming on VHF)
16. Little Wings "Look at What the Light Did Now" (from "Light Green Leaves")
17. Scout Niblett "Wet Road" (from "Sweet Heart Fever")
18. Troll "Mexicana" (from "Pathless Lord")
19. CocoRosie "Good Friday" (from "La Maison de Mon Reve")
20. Antony "The Lake" (from "Live at Saint Olaye's With Current 93")

Launch The Ultimate >
Freak Folk Player >

Tuesday, June 21

...Reminder...Natalia Gardiner...

Natalia Gardiner...Ideal Tunes For The Summer Time...
She's A Soulful Outstanding Singer From Sweden...Pull Out One Amazing Self Titled Soul Album Last Year...
Check Out Some New Singles From Gardiner In Ramjac Records <

Or...Listen To The Album At Tunes > Launch <

Monday, June 20

Just Enother Perfect Day On Earth By Eno

20 Years After...

& The New Album From Eno...

Sounds Exactly As I Expected...

Just Perfect...

Album Site <

Psychedelic Traffic Sound Pulled Out From The Late 60's ...

Anthology > Traffic Sound
Traffic Sound Came From Peru (!) & They Made Those Perfect Tunes Combining Funk, Soul, British Psychedelic & Progressive Rock > Amazing!!!

Read About In Vampi Soul <

Read More

Saturday, June 18

The 101 - 'Verve' - Sounds Like The Early REM Songs...

Strike 'Verve' <<<

Check Out The Idiot Pilot Album...


Yep...Roxy Music Are Coming Back...

Brian Eno Rejoining Roxy Music Very Soon...

Check It Out Here <<<

Friday, June 17

The Rakes New Single >>>

mmm...The Rakes?

New british band that maximize all da 80's punk & art rock sound of Bloc Party, Maximo Park, Art Brut & The Others >>>

Check out the new video of the new single

'Retreat' <<< media player

The First EP >>> mp3

'22 Grand Job'
'Digital Song'

Thursday, June 16

...Dirty on Purpose...

Wow!!! i'm amazed! i really wanted to go & have some sleep but, when i found out about these guys i was totally crushed...the five band members are from brooklyn & the tunes: mesh up between the Cure & Jesus & Mary Chain ...sensitive shoegazing & moving along pretty fuzzy.

No album, only two ep's & some few songs i fell in love with. especially 'To Forget' listen down below > mp3

'You In The Monument' (demo)

'To Forget'

'Mind Blindness'


home page <

label page <

Innaway New Album...

Innaway ~ are combining the Led Zeppelin harmonica & guitars, the Pink Floyd & Spiritualized floating in space dramatic feelings & other ambiance groups as Air & the's a kinda of cinematic sound stripe as the middle 70's style but, with a bit of electronic beats & a fascinating ability to sound mature & truly original.

watch video & stream the whole album >
Here <

H o m e < P a g e <

Wednesday, June 15

> The Somatics <

The Somatics New Singel...

Watch The Video...

Here <

*many thanks to mystery & misery

The Pernice Brothers...New Album...

G o T o H o m e P a g e < >
P e r n i c e B r o t h e r s <>

"discover a lovelier you"

Monday, June 13

...Shooting The Breeze...By...Maker...

...And It's Out!!!

Probably The Best Hip Hop Breaks & Beats Album For 2005...

Audio Clips > mp3

'Remember The Name'

'La Saluda'

'Train To Nowhere'

out in Galapagos 4 records.

...New Albums & Ep's...

Tracing After The 60's...

1. Ed Eskew
Reissue > Listen In Sal Klita Images.

2. The Quarter After > A New Band That Dig Deep Into The Vivid Sound Of :
The Yardbirds <
The Byrds <
& The Brian Jonestown Massacre <

Listen To The Quarter After...
'One Trip Later'...
'So Far To Tell'...

Saturday, June 11

Would U Like Two Hours With Bark Psychosis?

...If Y'll Promise To Commit A Tragic Suicide After That...

...Here > Two Hours With Bark Psychosis > Launch (mp3) <


Miss ElodieO makes Futuristic & Gentle Electro Pop In French...Her Mother Tongue.

Listen To 'La Mer' <

More Track Samples < check out also the rest of the label > Popcornlab samples, that include Arabic house, Electro & some downtempo...


3 songs from > Turn Pale <

< mp3
2.Light Melt Away
< mp3
3.W.E.S (one) < mp3

Pitchforkmedia Site Magazine Launch Radio Net

To access from Winamp:
1) Open Winamp
2) Right-click in the top window
3) Choose "Play"
4) Then choose "URL"
5) Then type in

To access from iTunes:
1) Open iTunes
2) Click "Advanced"
3) Then choose "Open stream"
4) Then type in

Friday, June 10

...New Albums & Ep's...

Do u believe in magic? well, this one is a certain magic...Lorna...'Static Patterns and Souvenirs'...< MAGIC...Another Slowdive Reference...But One Of The Best I'v Ever Heard...Plus Harmonica, Trumpets & A bit of Glitchy Electronic Drums...MAGIC...out in Words on Music records < Listen here
< & here <

The Dead 60's...
Now It's Turn Of The Clash To Be The Main Influence.

out in Epic records

listen <

Thursday, June 9

Ninja Tune Presents: Summer Sale...

Blazing Albums In Fair Prices...

Take A Tour <

Wednesday, June 8

...New Albums & Ep's...

Cex...'Starship Galactica'...
a reissue of Ryjan Kidwell album from 2001 >
IDM as Boards Of Canada < & glitchy techno as Mouse On Mars <
& mostly a real fun album > real one!
out in Temporary Residence LTD records <

...New Albums & Ep's...

Palaxy Tracks...'Twelve Rooms'... <

...Austin...Texas...The Center Of The Universe... Inspiring Indie Rock To The Rest Of This Shitty Planet...That's The Third Album For P.T...

Out In
Peek-A-Boo Records <

Odd Nosdam + Burner + Anticon + Canada = Another New Style Of Hip Hop >

Odd Nosdam / Burner...a fresh release from Anticon that made hip hop sound true & futuristic always with this fantastic label...that's psyche hop...

read & listen > listen & read >
take off y'r hat >

Tuesday, June 7

...Can't Take My Eyes Off...This Video...

The Silent league...


...Take A Loo

Monday, June 6

Well...U Must Watch This...

The Campbell Brothers Playing At A Church...Be Ware! They'll Knock You Down <

All Hip Hop Fanatics...Stay Tuned With...

Urbansmarts . Com <

Urbansmarts . Blog <

Sunday, June 5

The Ultimate List Of Breaks & Beats > 60's, Funk, Disco Tracks > Crack & Snack

Bad Bascomb "Black Grass"* (1972)
The Winstons "Amen Brother"* (1969)
7th Wonder "Daisy Lady" (1979)
D.C. LaRue "Indiscreet" (1976)
Rufus Thomas "Do The Funky Penguin" (1972)
Wilson Pickett "Get Me Back On Time"* (1970)

Juice "Catch A Groove"* (1976)
Funkadelic "You'll Like It Too" (1981)
Roy Ayer's Ubiquity "Boogie Back" (1974)

Cheryl Lynn "Got To Be Real" (1978)

Incredible Bongo Band "Apache" (1973)
Herman Kelly & Life "Dance To The Drummer's Beat" (1978)
Incredible Bongo Band "Bongo Rock"* (1973)
UPP "Give It To You" (1975)
Jackie Robinson "Pussy Footer"* (1977)
Syl Johnson "Different Strokes"* (1967)

Bobby Byrd "I Know You Got Soul"* (1971)
Z.Z. Hill "I Think I'd Do It"* (1972)
Gaz "Sing Sing" (1978)

Isaac Hayes "Break Through" (1974)
Tom Jones "Looking Out My Window"* (1968)
Dynamic Corvettes "Funky Music Is The Thing"* (1975)
Johnny Hammond "Shifting Gears"* (1975)

Bo Diddley "Hit Or Miss"* (1974)
The Wild Magnolias "Soul, Soul, Soul"* (1974)
Melvin Bliss "Substitution"* (1973)
Freedom "Get Up And Dance" (1979)
20th Century Steel Band "Heaven And Hell" (1975)
Banbarra "Shack Up" (1975)
Please "Sing A Simple Song"* (1975)

James Brown "Cold Sweat"* (1967)
The Black Motion Picture Experience "2001"* (1973)
Dennis Coffey "Son Of Scorpio"* (1972)
Magic Disco Band "Scratchin'"* (1975)
Fat Larry's Band "Down On The Avenue" (1976)
Uncle Louie "I Like Funky Music" (1979)
James Brown "Give Up, Or Turn It Loose" (1969)

Funky Constellation "Street Talk" (1979)
Pleasure "Let's Dance" (1976)
John Davis "I Can't Stop" (1976)
John McLaughlin "Planetary Citizen" (1976)
Funkadelic "Good Old Music" (1970)
Magic Touch "You Are What You Are" (1977)
Ingrid "Easter Parade" (1982)
ESG "U.F.O" (1981)
Billy Squire "Big Beat" (1980)
Cavern "Liquid, Liquid" (1983)
Mountain "Long Red"* (1972)
The Whole Darn Family "Seven Minutes Of Funk" (1976)
James Brown "Funky President" (1974)

Dexter Wansel "Theme From The Planets"* (1976)
Rhythm Heritage "Theme From S.W.A.T."* (1978)
The Jackson Five "It's Great To Be Here"* (1971)
The Brothers Johnson "Ain't We Funkin Now" (1978)
La Pregunta "Shangri La" (1978)
Esther Williams "Last Night Changed It All"* (1976)
The Honey Drippers "Impeach The President"* (1973)

The Headhunters "God Make Me Funky" (1975)
Lucy Hawkins "Gotta Get Out Of Here" (1978)
Orange Krush "Action"* (1982)
Funk Inc. "Kool Is Back" (1971)
Fausto Papetti "Love Theme"* (1975)
Junie "Granny's Funky Rolls Royce" (1975)

James Brown "Funky Drummer"* (1970)
The Mohawks "The Champ" (1968)
Thin Lizzy "Johnny The Fox" (1978)
The Soul Searchers "Ashley's Roachclip"* (1974)
Chicago Gangsters "Gangster Boogie"* (1975)
T-Connection "Groove To Get Down" (1977)
Babe Ruth "The Mexican" (1973)

Babe Ruth "Keep Your Distance"* (1976)
Coke Escovedo "(Runaway) I Wouldn't Change A Thing" (1976)
Eastside Connection "Frisco Disco" (1978)
In Search Of Orchestra "Phenomena Theme" (1977)
The Meters "Handclapping Song" (1970)
Stanley Turrentine "Sister Sanctified"* (1972)

Willie Dynamite (Soundtrack) "Willie Chase" (1974)
Kid Dynamite "Uphill Peace Of Mind" (1976)
Ralph MacDonald "Jam On The Groove" (1976)
Experience Unlimited "Knock Him Out Sugar Ray" (1980)
Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s "Blow Your Head" (1974)
Donald Byrd "Change" (1975)

Roy Ayers "Brother Green" (1975)
Grover Washington, Jr. "Mister Magic" (1975)
David Matthews "Star Wars" (1977)
John Cougar "Jack & Diane"* (1982)
Pleasure "Bouncy Lady"* (1975)
Jefferson Starship "Rock Music" (1979)
Commodores "The Assembly Line" (1974)

Johnny Jenkins "I Walk On Gilded Splinters" (1974)
Le Pamplemousse "Gimme What You Got"* (1976)
Marvin Gaye (Trouble Man Soundtrack) ""T" Plays It Cool" (1972)
Lyn Collins "Think"* (1972)
The Galactic Force Band "Space Dust"* (1978)
Steve Miller Band "Take The Money And Run"* (1976)
Baby Huey "Listen To Me" (1970)

Boobie Knight "The Lovermaniacs (Sex)"* (1974)
The Pointer Sisters "Yes We Can Can" (1973)
Monk Higgins "One Man Band" (1974)
Kool & The Gang "N.T." (1971)
Dyke & The Blazers "Let A Woman Be A Woman And A Man Be A Man"* (1969)
Bram Tchaikovy "Whiskey And Wines" (1979)
Bar-Kays "Let's Have Some Fun" (1977)

Lafayette Afro-Rock Band "Conga" (1976)
Yellow Sunshine "Yellow Sunshine" (1973)
Jimmy Castor "It's Just Begun"* (1972)
Marva Whitney "It's My Thing" (1969)
Kay-Gees "I Believe In Music" (1976)
Dennis Coffey "Ride Sally Ride" (1972)
The Black Byrds "Rock Creek Park" (1975)

K.C. & The Sunshine Band "I Get Lifted" (1975)
Brother Soul "Cookies" (1975)
Foster Sylvers "Misdemeanor" (1973)
Wild Sugar "Bring it Here" (1981)
Miami "Chicken Yellow" (1974)
Olympic Runners "Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is" (1974)
Lightnin' Rod "Sport" (1973)
Roy Ayers "Lonesome Cowboy"* (1976)

Duke Williams "Chinese Chicken" (1973)
Joe Quarterman "I'm Gonna Get You"* (1974)
Friend And Lover "Reach Out Of Darkness"* (1973)
The Chubukos "House Of Rising Funk" (1973)
Eddie Bo "Hook & Sling" (1969)
Bill Withers "Kissing My Love" (1973)
The Politicians "Free Your Mind" (1972)

Joe Tex "Papa Was Too"* (1966)
The Village Callers "Hector" (1967)
Sound Experience "Devil With The Bust" (1974)
James Brown "Soul Pride" (1969)
All The People "Cramp Your Style"* (1972)
Shaft In Africa Soundtrack "Shaft In Africa" (1973)
Barry White "I'm Gonna Love You A Little Bit More"* (1973)
Barrabas "Woman" (1972)

Creative Source "Corazon" (1974)
Southside Movement "Save The World" (1974)
The JB's "The Grunt (Part 1)"* (1970)
Rufus Thomas "Do The Funky Penguin (Part 2)"* (1972)
Shougun "Dynamite (The Bomb)"* (1977)
Gary Numan "Films"* (1979)
Rufus Thomas "The Breakdown (Part II)"* (1971)

Jim Dandy "Country Cooking" (1975)
Pleasure "Joyous" (1977)
Solomon Burke "Get Out Of My Life Woman"* (1968)
Alphonze Mouzon "You Don't Know How Much I Love You" (1974)
Delegation "Oh Honey" (1977)
Freda Payne "The Easiest Way To Fall"* (1970)
Lowell Fulsom "Tramp" (1966)

Freddie Scott "(You) Got What I Need" (1968)
Lyn Collins "You Can't Love Me, If You Don't Respect Me" (1975)
The Emotions "Blind Alley" (1972)
Lonnie Liston Smith "Expansions - Part 1" (1975)
Otis Redding "Hard To Handle"* (1968)
The Grassroots "You And Love Are The Same" (1969)
Tom Scott "Sneakin In The Back" (1974)
Southside Movement "I've Been Watching You" (1973)
Lou Donaldson "Pot Belly" (1970)
Sambo Soul "Mambo #5" (1977)
5 Stairsteps "Don't Change Your Love"* (1968)
Lamont Dozier "Take Off Your Make-up" (1973)
Ike White "Love And Affection" (1976)
James Brown "The Payback"* (1973)

Look For & Listen in Funk 45 <

WWWWWWWWWe Funk Radio <

...New Albums & Ep's...

Mark Stewart/Mark Stweart, The Maffia And The Pop Group < ...'Kiss The Future'...a collection of a long time career from this phenomanon artist ~ Mark Stewart ~ with his futuristic & aggravate band from the 80's & some new material > out in Soul Jazz records <

...New Albums & Ep's...

Githhead...A New Project From Colin Newman (Wire), Malka Spigel (Minimal Compact), Robin Rimbaud a.k.a Scanner & Max Frenken (Minimal Compact) > this 'super group' trying to invoke the 80's...& it sure sounds interesting...Listen > their debut album <

Saturday, June 4

...The Worst Album Covers Of All Time...

Of All Time <

...Label Viewer...

Check Out >

A New >

Indie Rock Label >

Peek-A-Boo Records

Friday, June 3

...New Albums & Ep's...

Blaze...'Keep Hope Alive'...
"Expanded & Remastered re-release of the original King Street album..."
out in SuSu records > listen <

Saint Ettienne <
...'Tales From Turnpike House'...
new light tunes for the summer time...
out in sanctuary records > watch the video of 'side streets' <

KKKKing Britt < ...'King Britt Presents Jazzmental'...

the first one in a new series of compilations > outstanding!
out in Slip 'n' Slide records <

Danny Braeks
...'The Outer Dimension'...

part 2 > breaks @ beats @ instrumental @ downtempo @ trip hop @ skraching > out in alphabet zoo records >
listen to part 1 (2003) < listen to part 2 (2005) <

The Rebirth
...'This Journey'...

soul on silk >
out in kajmere records < listen <

Roy Ayers < ...'Virgin Ubiquity 2: Unreleaset Recordings 1976 -1981'...

second part for 13 amazing lost tracks >
out in BBE records <

Thursday, June 2

...Some Interesting Muzik Blogs...

3hive <

Teaching The Indie Kids
To Dance Again <

Dozer <

Lost Band Of The New Wave Era <

Wednesday, June 1

Best Albums For The First Half Of > 2005

These Are The Best Record Releases, All Genres, Since January 2005 Till June 2005...

for more info >
click on text >

Magnolia Electric co ~ 'What Comes After The Blues'
(Secretly Canadian 2005)

The National ~ 'Alligator'
(Beggars Banquet 2005)

Masha Qrella ~ 'Unsolved Remained'
(Morr Music 2005)

Colleen ~ 'Everyone Alive Wants Answers'
(Leaf 2005)

Keren Ann ~ 'Nolita'
(EMI 2005)

A Gun Called Tension ~ 'A Gun Called Tension'
(Cold Krush 2005)

Daft Punk ~ 'Human After All'
(Virgin 2005)

Teenage Funclab ~ 'Man Made'
(PeMa 2005)

Doves ~ 'Some Cities'
(Capitol 2005)

Archer Prewitt ~ 'Wilderness'
(Trill Jockey 2005)

Mercury Rev ~ 'The Secret Migration'
(V2 2005)

Engineers ~ 'Engineers'
(Self Release 2005)

Howling Hex ~ 'All-Night-Fox'
(Drag City 2005)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ~ 'Clap Your Hands Say Yeah'
(Self Release 2005)

The Ponys ~ 'Celebration Castle'
(In The Red 2005)

Art Brut ~ 'Bang Bang Rock & Roll'
(Fierce Panda 2005)

Akron Family ~ 'Akron Family'
(Young God 2005)

Populous ~ 'Queue For Love'
(Morr Music 2005)

The Russian Futurists ~ 'Our Thickness'
(Uperr Class 2005)

Beck ~ 'Guero'
(Interscope 2005)

Jay Haze ~ 'Love For A Strange World'
(Kitty Yo 2005)

Kraak & Smaak ~ 'Boogie Angst'
(Jalapeno 2005)

Sensational ~ 'Speaks For Itself'
(Quatermass 2005)

(Self Release 2005)

Proffesor Pez ~ 'Let Us Follow
(Galant Records 2005)

Sons & Daughters ~ 'The Repulsion Box'
(Domino 2005)

Oneida ~ 'The Wedding'
(Jagjaguwar 2005)

Piano Magic ~ 'Disaffected'
(Darla 2005)

Common ~ 'Be'
(Geffen 2005)

Mahjongg ~ 'RaYDONconNG'
(Cold Krush 2005)

Micatone ~ 'Nomad Songs'
(Sonar Kollektive 2005)

Isolee ~ 'We Are Monster'
(Playhouse 2005)

Spoon ~ 'Gimme Fiction'
(Merge 2005)

The Hotel Alexis ~ 'The Shining Example Is Laying On The Floor'
(Broken Sparrow 2005)

Rhythm & Sound ~ 'See Mi Yah'
(Basic Channel 2005)

Four Tet ~ 'Everything Is Ecstatic'
(Domino 2005)

Maximo Park ~ 'A Certain Trigger'
(Warp 2005)

Bloc Party ~ 'Silent Alarm'
(Wichita/V2 2005)

Caribou ~'The Milk of Human Kindness'
(Leaf/Domino 2005)

Edan ~ 'Beauty and the Beat'
(Lewis 2005)

M.I.A ~ 'Aruler'
(XL 2005)

Antony And The Johnsons ~ 'I Am A Bird Now'
(Secretly Canadian 2005)

LCD Soundsystem ~ 'LCD Soundsystem'
(DFA 2005)

Bright Eyes ~ 'I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning'
(Saddle Creek 2005)

...New Albums & Ep's...

The Ponys...'Celebration Castle'...

A` M` A` Z` I` N` G...A`L`B`U`M

rock n' roll > they mixing up
Television...Talking Heads...The Stranglers & XTC...
out in > in the red records <

BC400...'The Antidote'...
the sound of hip hop from this cool gang of refugees >
out in buttercuts records <

Sketchie...'Rain By High Lantern'...
delicate texture samples backed-up with heavy drums > u may call it dj shadow style > it's pretty trippy >
out in lumenssence records <

Husky Rescue...'New Light Of Tomorrow' (single)...

another single from the debute album > contains remixes from: Bonobo, Evil 9 & Linus Lovers >
out in catskills records <

Gilles Peterson...'Gilles P. In Africa'...
gilles peterson blend between all fela kuti's creation in style >
out in eather records <